PS3 and Xbox Near the Limits of Their Technology – PS4 and XBOX 720 Needed?

F1 2011 chief game designer Stephen Hood and Andy Wilson agree that a PS4 and XBOX 720 are much needed for today’s resource hungry games. The PS3 and Xbox near the limits of their technology.

PS4 and XBOX 720 Needed

It takes an incredible amount of effort to get the extensive destruction system of Bodycount to work on the latest generation consoles. The thought is that PlayStation 3 and Xbox are starting to hit the technical ceiling, says the game’s director for FPS.

Speaking at an interview both the F1 2011 chief game designer Stephen Hood and Andy Wilson, Bodycount game director are in agreement that current generation consoles are reaching their peak in technical capabilities. The head of Bodycount admitted the shredding system of his shooter eats up performance of consoles like you cannot believe.

Clever Tricks To Make It Run Smoothly

Hood on the other hand mentioned how he had to be a bit clever to get F1 2011’s demanding game system to perform well with current hardware. When asked directly if the this generation of consoles are nearing their technical limits Wilson agreed saying that was a fair assumption since it has been a quite long cycle between new console generations and it will still run on a while yet, he added.

What you do is find the ceiling by building tools, engines and middleware which means the upcoming game you make for the current generation already has done all of that so you can push the envelope even further.

A good example he said is DiRT, it is already on its third time around with the current console and they have huge amount of tech that is integrated into Ego with all of these years they have spent building. So it is obvious if DiRT 3 were built from scratch is would not turn out as well.

Shredding System Problematic On “Outdated” Consoles

About the shredding system, which gives players the ability to blow holes through ceilings and walls in Bodycount, Wilson said was difficult to get it up and running on the consoles of this generation at a good frame rate.

It is real effort just to get it all to work on the current consoles since it takes some much damned memory it thereby sucks so much out all the performance from the console you would be shocked.

It takes a great of time before you can even say you reach a point where it is working like a gameplay device and at a decent frame rate. But once you arrive at that point it makes you think, when you switch to the more static shooter, why when you fire at a wall with a machine gun and not a thing happens.

Published: Friday, July 1st, 2011 Last Modified: March 20, 2012

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