PS Vita Slim to be Released in UK Next Week

Sony have announced the release of a new PS Vita Slim for the U.K. on February 7.

PS Vita Slim Coming To UK

The PlayStation Vita has proven to be quite the success for Sony and with the release of the PlayStation 4 – the company are expected to give their handheld console a further push. Their new PlayStation Vita Slim will be looking to achieve just that.

The retail price of the new portable console is expected to be of £180.


While the PS Vita Slim is already available for Japan since October 2013, there is no comment on the release for the United States yet.

PS Vita Slim changes

The first PlayStation Vita was released on February 2012. Two years on and clearly taking some concepts of the Slim version of the PS3, a new Vita is announced promising to be 15% lighter, 20% thinner and obviously more portable.

The OLED screen was replaced in favour of a lower grade LCD screen. The battery life is now expected to last 6 hours of gaming. The internal specs were not changed at all, and the wireless connection will be limited to WIFI only.


This handheld console will be compatible with your PS4 and you will be able to play games remotely.

Sony Responding To Consumer Feedback With PS Vita Slim

We think it is fair to say that most of these changes are a response to the player feedback, as many of them claimed that the original Vita is not comfortable enough for holding for long periods of time. In the new Vita, the finger grips are larger to provide better support during long gaming sessions.

On the contrary, the rear touch panel was reduced to avoid accidental presses. The touchpad is smaller too. The other buttons have subtle changes that should not affect your experience at all: some of them are now rounded, some others are smaller, and the PS home button is no longer backlit.


Cosmetic changes are appreciated and so are modifications in the weight and the thickness of the console. The biggest drawback that will keep many users from upgrading is the LED screen that seems to be significantly inferior to OLED screens, for some hardcore gamers this is an unbearable “feature”, but for others the low price and the quality games will make a difference.

Published: Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 Last Modified: February 4, 2014

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