Project Spark Unveiled at gamescom

One of the most interesting things announced by Microsoft and Xbox on Tuesday at gamescom, was the Project Spark project. This combination of voice and motion capture gives the Kinect a ton of more features and tools to use than ever before.

With Project Spark, users of the Kinect can express themselves with facial capture technology and record dramatic scenes, make their own attacks and more. Players will be able to record their own sayings and sounds with the Kinect, making the Kinect more useful then ever.


Facial Expression Capture

One of the first highlights of Project Spark announced at gamescom by Microsoft, allows users to record their own faces and have it applied to an in-game character. With this, game players will be able to transform legendary characters with the faces of the users with a single move.

Animation Recording

The second big park of Project Spark was the ability to do a new attack and full body motions and gestures using the Kinect. Game players and users will be able to fully get into the game with these moves, and make the most boring games more exciting.

Recording Audio and Modulating

The late part of Project Spark revolved around users and game players being able to speak a line, or sing part of a saying, and have that build into the game. They will be able to make their own animations or even cinematic cut scenes when you combine all three (face + body + voice). This combined with the new Xbox One will give game players all new ways to enjoy their units later this year and in the future.

The official beta for Project Spark was announced for the end of October 2013. Team Dakota at Microsoft is in charge of this, and registered beta participants will be able to get started for Windows 8 devices and in January 2014 for Xbox One creators. Users can go to for full details and get started on thinking about their new lines, moves, and faces into the future of Xbox One gaming.

It is abundantly clear that Microsoft is seeing the future of gaming as personal, intense personalization, and using the Kinect to build users into the games. Project Spark sounds just like the beginning here.

Published: Monday, August 26th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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