Project Spark to allows player create , play and share whatever they can think of

Project Spark is promising to be one of the most innovative and complete “game-builders” yet , allowing players to play, share and create whatever they can dare to dream of.

Simple but powerful, could Project Spark be the hidden gem for Xbox One?

While it’s unfair to say Project Spark did not get any attention at E3 , it still may not have got the interest it truly deserves. This game-builder is promising to redefine how we play and view our games and offers unlimited potential along with everlasting playability.


The concept is simple – make it easy for players to create the games of their dreams. In effect, Project Spark is programming development platform. However it is one exceptionally well laid out and pretty platform allowing gamers with no previous coding experience to unleash their artistic nuances and share the results with friends while also being able to play the creations of others.

Build a playable game in less than twenty minutes!

Of those who got a chance to play around with Project Spark at E3, the main feedback was how amazingly simple, intuitive and quick it was to make creative and playable games.

Gamers can start from scratch or play a pre-designed world that could be used to inspire them into what is possible. If creating a game you are presented with a variety of landscape options and themes such as Arctic, Desert etc.

You can then design you own scripts with commands like IF, WHEN and DO as you set up what each character does to each situation or at what time. Creating a simple setting with a quest involving a boss at the end can be done in record quick time and probably has never been simpler.

Input can be done via Kinect, SmartGlass and of course the gamepad itself. This was shown in action at E3.


Project Spark has unlimited potential and will also be Free to play

The most exciting aspect of Project Spark is surely the unlimited scope it can reach as those dedicated enough are set to create thousands of great little(and big) games for the rest of us to play, rate and share. Who knows? It may even uncover the inner –developer in those who may have been put off by having to learn to code as one would have had to previously.


The game will be free to download with paid additional content expected to be available also.

Whether it is creating stories, characters, levels and some signature gaming moments Project Spark aims to inspire gamers to create and share like never before.

No release date has been formally announced and the game is still in beta stages at the moment. It will be another Xbox One and Windows 8 exclusive title so stay tuned as more details and features get announced.

Published: Friday, June 21st, 2013 Last Modified: June 21, 2013

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