Project Spark Goes To Open Beta On Xbox One

Project Spark is Microsoft’s independent game developer program that allows almost anyone to create games for Windows and the Xbox console. On Wednesday, Microsoft opened up the Project Spark program as an open beta on the Xbox One, which will surely inspire many would be game programmers.

The Xbox One from Microsoft has been plagued with problems concerning the independent game movement, but at the GDC in San Francisco, the company squashed those concerns. By opening up the Project Spark as a beta, it allows anyone to download the program and start being creative.

Microsoft Opens Up Project Spark Beta To All On Xbox One

How To Get Project Spark

The Project Spark player and creator app is now available in the Xbox one store, and anyone with an Xbox One can get it. All anyone has to do is to search for Project Spark in the store, wait for the installation to be complete, and they can then start creating the next game of the future on the Xbox One.

By giving users the ability to download Project Spark, Microsoft is one step ahead Sony in the race to get independent game developers on board with these next generation consoles. Some users will need to request a beta key again if they find any issues, but otherwise will be able to download the app free of charge, and see the next creations at work.

Microsoft Gathers Crowds At GDC For Project Spark Launch On Xbox One

First Indie Games Arrive On Xbox One

In collaboration with the Xbox One Project Spark launch, Microsoft also highlighted the first 25 independent games to launch on the Xbox One. The program was launched in August to a select group of developers, and the initial group of games are very exciting, and Microsoft highlighted them on their Xbox Wire.

The range of games cover scrollers, racing, tower defense games, puzzle games, adventure games, and fighting games. Games like 1001 Spikes, CastleStorm, Contrast, Forced, FRU, and others were highlighted on the statement. These games are not yet available for download on the Xbox One, but show the power of Project Spark, and the ability to create games on the Xbox One.

Project Spark is important for Microsoft. It is a major move to attract indie game makers, and will help the future of the Xbox One for Microsoft.

Published: Thursday, March 20th, 2014 Last Modified: March 20, 2014

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