Project Siena Launches For Windows 8 Apps

On Thursday, Microsoft released a brand new tool for web developers who might not know the most advanced coding techniques to create Windows 8 apps for users everywhere. Called Project Siena, the free app is a Metro style app that creates apps and is available starting today.

The free application developer tool from Microsoft is aimed at making business experts, analysts, and those in chase of decisions to create apps for Windows 8 users. Users can create feature rich applications for users, and give them exciting new apps to use on their desktops, laptops, or tablets.

Microsoft Launches Project Siena For App Creation On Windows 8

What Is Project Siena?

Project Siena is the next step of application development tools from Microsoft, and is aimed at people who want to create applications, but don’t necessarily have the coding chops to create those apps. The media-rich catalogs, use of photos, use of videos, and other rich multimedia tools will give users very visual apps to use.

What makes Project Siena something that developers will love is the way it interacts with other Microsoft products. It works with SharePoint lists, RSS feeds, Excel and Azure tables, RESTful services, and other Microsoft tools. The apps are built using HTML5 and JavaScript, but creates very exciting apps that users can start using right away.

Striking Visuals Along With Ease Of Use Makes Project Siena Work From Microsoft

What Makes Project Siena Great

For those who are looking to create apps for customers and clients, the Project Siena tool released by Microsoft gives them a great creation tool. The app is tooled after the Windows Phone app creator that has become very successful and popular with developers of all skill sets, and is absolutely free from Microsoft.

In addition to the free part, the Project Siena tool is very integrated with Microsoft products. So, those who create apps that are somewhat popular, will want to use them along with other Microsoft products to expand on them, thus creating additional revenue for Microsoft via the free tool. The reach to expand its products to the non professional market is perfect for the company, and will surely find this tool to be a very popular one among novices and business professionals.

I love the App Studio for Windows Phone and will try this. It’s free, allows you to create apps, and is from Microsoft.

Published: Friday, December 20th, 2013 Last Modified: December 20, 2013

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