Project Gotham Racing Faces Uncertain Future

Fans of the Project Gotham Racing series will be disappointed to learn that there is no plans for another entrant as things currently stand.

Microsoft Hesitant On PGR Revival

The future of the racing franchise has been a doubt since its developer Bizarre Creations was acquired by its parent Activision. Yet there are many fans that have been clamouring for the Project Gotham Racing games.

The last game – Project Gotham Racing 4 – was released back in 2007 and since then we saw the release of Blur before Bizarre Creations was shut down by Activision.


Recently however there have been rumours and talk of a revival for the franchise with the new generation of console on the horizon and the recent success of Forza Horizon and Need For Speed which borrowed some PGR elements. However Microsofts Phil Spencer was uncommitted when asked on the subject.

Microsoft Are “Too Full In The Racing Space”

When the PGR question was put to Spencer he acknowledged the success of the games “Kudos system” but was not going to confirm a return to the series.

“Maybe. I think the Kudos system that we had in PGR was the real secret sauce. I thought that was the thing that people really loved. It had a great feel, it was there at launch, which I think was important.”


On the potential return of the series he said. “We talk, (Turn 10 boss) Alan Hartman and I, talk about PGR. I think we’re kind of full in the racing space right now when we think about our franchises, but I know there’s a lot of love for that franchise out there and it’d be interesting to think about what we could do.”

Microsoft Happy With Forza Success

While the return of Project Gotham Racing seems to be a long way off , Microsoft seem to fairly content with current line-up of exclusive racing titles.

The divide created with Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport will allow them to have both a realistic sim alongside a more arcadey open world title at any one time.


“I don’t know that we’d ever have three console racing franchises. That seems like a lot for a first party with Forza Horizon and obviously Forza Motorsport,” Spencer stated.

“Forza Horizon, I’d say, it’s not PGR from an arcade style, but it’s not me sitting on a circuit running lap after lap. It’s more of an open-world.”

Published: Monday, November 4th, 2013 Last Modified: November 4, 2013

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