Project Enternity screenshots and Combat System unveiled

Crowdfunding looks to be all the rage these days with movies, albums and now video games availing of the generosity and interest of the mass community and fan base. It proved a massive success for Obsidian Entertainment with their title Project Enternity.

Project Enternity raises 3.4 million true Kickstarter

After a successful Kickstarter campaign that won fans and piqued thier interest, Obsidian Entertainment were able to raise an astronomical 3.4 million and an additional $100,000 through PayPal donations to begin developing the title. They finished with $4,163,208.

This was the most any video game had ever raised with Kickstarter. Tim Schafers Double Fin Adventure managed to raise 2.3 million while Brian Fargos Wasteland 2 raised 2.9 million. The much maligned remake of Leisure Suit Larry – Leisure Suit Larry reloaded – was developed off the back of $650,000.


Obsidian Entertainment will be hoping their title will be more successful critically and commercially. Project Enternity will be a traditional fantasy RPG with an isometric perspective. Recent screenshots showed developers are staying loyal to the concept art they showed off in the original campaign.

New Project Enternity Screenshots and gameplay aspects revealed

The recently released screenshots show the isometric viewpoint that reminds us a little of Baldur Gate and similar RPGs that the studio are famed for. The developers have said they are happy with how the game is developing graphically and have invited fans to comment on their official forums.



Project Director Josh Sawyer recently told fans in a Q&A that the party will have six standard characters. He also tried to outline how the battle system would work. Characters will have a perception radius that will depend on the stealth stats that will allow players to take in the world around them. Enemies will have their own radius that once a player crosses will spark one of two phases or “detection states”.

“Creatures do have two detection states (other than not detecting anything): investigation and alert,” Sawyer said. “If you just ‘bump’ the edge of a creature’s detection radius, it will typically move to investigate. If it gets close enough, it will switch over to an alert state. If the creature is already hostile toward the party, it will attack and “call for help” (to use an Infinity Engine term), potentially alerting its nearby allies.”

Project Enternity to have dynamic combat system

Sawyer is also at pain to point out that they are trying to develop a combat system that cannot be solved, preplanned or approached in a premeditated fashion. They are trying to develop a dynamic combat system that will have the player engaged throughout as they use all the spells and abilities available to them.

“We’re trying to avoid sucker punches in fights, enemy tactics that demand a very specific combination of items, classes, spells, or abilities to overcome,” Sawyer said. “While there will certainly be strategic and tactical choices that will work very poorly in certain fights, we’d rather give the player a number of ways to win a battle. If we wind up creating specific formulae or one valid strategy to win a fight, I think that takes a lot away from the player’s potential enjoyment.


Fans with an interest and those who invested into the project (there are 73,968 of you according to Kickstarter) will not have long to wait for the final release. Project Enternity is expected to be out in Q2 of 2014.

Published: Tuesday, August 13th, 2013 Last Modified: August 13, 2013

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