Project Austin By Microsoft Resurrects Courier Software, Aims To Replace Notebooks In Windows 8

Ll_project Austin Microsoft Courier 150Px Microsoft Courier may be gone but that doesn’t mean the technology behind the lust-worth tablet follows.

Microsoft’s C++ team is developing a notepad app for Windows 8 app aiming to replace the real thing.

Using a notepad in real life isn’t the future according to Microsoft

Project Austin is used with a stylus therefore, or a finger, a bit like Paper for iPad. If notebooks are to make way for tablets then accurate and precise input is needed. Using a finger provides accuracy, but not the pinpoint precision of a stylus. When drawing particularly this is essential.

Austin allows users to draw and write or write on paper across different backgrounds; users can also add photos from an external hard drive, a feature Paper won’t allow on iPads. Cameras can also be connected or users can upload to/download from the cloud. Creations can be shared through Microsoft’s cloud storage service SkyDrive or through e-mail. To share users select the area of the image, so all of a creation isn’t automatically sent.

Paper is an app designed around drawing; it’s free to download, though users can buy additional colors.

Pages can be flipped like a book or presented individually in a row to swipe through. Users can also zoom out and view three pages at once; this view allows pages to be arranged, and removed, is desired.

Promising Though Perhaps Unfinished

The apps seem relatively barebones. It would be a surprise if developers didn’t build better presented and more featured apps, perhaps Paper’s developers. The presented in the video doesn’t look finished with the background to project a grey wall.

Samsung launched its Galaxy Note 2 and, more recently, Galaxy Note 2. The plus-five-inch screen on the devices are pitched in a similar manner as Project Austin with a stylus. The line between tablets and smartphones continues to blur; Google and Amazon’s 7-inch Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire, respectively, drew a positive reception. It may not be long until companies introduce a tablet with a stylus. Though a company has probably reached that point already.

Project Austin has no firm release date but the developer version and the majority of the source code is available to download. The video (below) simply puts soon as the release date.

Published: Wednesday, September 26th, 2012 Last Modified: September 26, 2012

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