ProCore Brings Construction Tools App To Windows 10

Construction professionals often have lots of offline and online tools that let them manage their job and utilitze technology to the fullest. Procore is one of the biggest, and how their Windows 10 app is available.

Procore is one of those tools that if you are in the construction field, you know how to use it. It’s Windows 10 app has been long desired, and its newest updates give professionals a world full of tools at their fingertips.

Procore Brings Cloud Based Construction App To Windows 10

Version 1.0 Updates

With the version 1.00 update released for Procore, you can now add drawings to your apps cache for offline access by area. You are also able to navigate to the next drawing with a swipe or tap of a button.

Users will see the line, box, ellipse, and arrow markup types that have more stroke thickness, and users can apply opacity percentages to box and ellipse markup types. These make the drawings look amazing on Windows 10 machines.

Manage Construction Projects On Windows 10 With Procore

Directory Updates & Save Updated

Construction professionals will also see a new directory tool, and this allows contacts to be searched by name or company. Lastly, you can save your project memories to your device, just like saving photos.

All of these updates add to the markup tools, spec tools, revision & set, and full screen updates made earlier to the app. You got the ability to draw thumbnails with borders as well with the 0.5.1 update additionally.

With Procore you get an astounding construction tools app. It’s available today on the Windows Store and is great.

Published: Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016 Last Modified: August 2, 2016

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