Print PDF’s Easier With Printfriendly & PDF On Windows 10

There are a lot of times that you get PDF’s, and want to print them out, but finding the right app to do that can be tiresome. Now, a new app has arrived on the Windows Store, and it aims to make saving paper and ink when you print.

PrintFriendly and PDF is made by the company PrintFriendly and PDF by the samename. It’s a Microsoft Edge browser add-on, and makes printing your PDF’s much easier, and optimizes the pages for a great printing experience.

Manage & Use PDF's Easier With Edge Extension Add-On

App Features

With the PrintFriendly and PDF Microsoft Edge browser add-on, it optimizes the pages for easier printing first. Second, if lets you click to delete any content before you print, and that makes pages much easier to read.

By editing before printing, you can remove images or individual images when you print it, and that makes reading much easier. Secondly, you can change the text size from larger to smaller, and enjoy the PDF’s whenever you need.

Print PDF's With Control Using Windows 10 Edge Extension

Print & Safe As PDF

As you can tell, this Microsoft Edge add-on is all about printing PDF files and making them a lot easier to manager. With those PDF images you can archive them, share them, or create clickable links for others to use.

You will need the Microsoft Edge browser in order to use this third-party browser extension, but Edge is included in every Windows 10 operating system. It makes Edge a little more powerful and more useful with this add-on extension.

If you use & manage PDF files, check this one out. It’s free, and a doosy of a Edge extension to try out.

Published: Saturday, May 6th, 2017 Last Modified: May 6, 2017

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