Print In 3D With New Windows 3D Printer Driver

The future of 3D printing has long been discussed throughout the tech world, and companies are releasing affordable 3D printers to the masses. On Friday, Microsoft released their 3D native printer driver for Windows 8.1, and companies are lining up to support this emerging technology.

3D printing is still rather new, and companies like MakerBot and others are coming out with cheaper 3D printers by the month. But, now with Windows 8.1 having a native 3D printer driver, this means that almost anyone will now be able to print their own items in full 3D.

Microsoft Releases 3D Printing Driver At CES 2014

New 3D Printers For Everyone

What makes the 3D printer drivers exciting is the news surrounding them at CES this week in Las Vegas. Companies have announced the TierTime Up Plus 2 and TierTime Up Mini 3D printers, and those are available with full Windows 8.1 3D printer support. Even the TierTime Up Mini is under $1000, and makes it very affordable.

I think that 3D printing is the future of printing and technology. Companies in China are coming out with cheaper and cheaper 3D printers, and examples like these are the future. With printers as less than $1000, it makes a desktop or small business 3D printer affordable, and makes 3D printing here to stay.

These 3D Printers Use Windows 8.1 And Its New Drivers

Microsoft and 3D Printers

Microsoft clearly has a vested interest in the future of 3D printing, and with Windows 8.1 coming to more and more businesses, the need for 3D printers and printing is needed. With cheaper printers and enhanced technology being released, Microsoft is cozying up to these companies and getting them the drivers they need to print today.

I think that Windows 8.1 and 3D printing is important. Companies will need to print in 3D and Microsoft is the company that can provide the operating system and software to do it. They are beating Apple to the punch in getting these drivers to designers, and getting 2014 off to a 3D printing start. I’ve been reading a lot of CES 2014 news, and while Microsoft isn’t technically there, they clearly are and are making their name known.

Published: Saturday, January 11th, 2014 Last Modified: January 11, 2014

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