Previewing the Halo 4 Leaks: Multiplayer Edition, Instant Respawns, Forerunner Vision

Halo 4 Matchmaking343 Industries are shaking up a decade-old formula in the new trilogy.

Many Halo fans have different ideas over what they want in the franchise when matchmaking, as do 343

Yesterday we did the first part of our preview of the multiplayer in Halo 4, covering the reintroduction of Sprint and the new Spartan Ops modes. There are plenty of other new mechanics that were revealed in GameInformer’s latest issue, so here they are.

A controversial feature that was revealed is random weapon drops. Rather than having a weapon fixed to a location on a map that will spawn during fixed times (around every three minutes in past Halo games), drop pods spawn on the map. For example, this means the rocket launcher would spawn in a different place each time in a game. The result is that players can’t predict, as easily at least, where the weapon will spawn.

However, will many players have jumped to conclusions and lamented the fact the drop pods seem completely random – so you could potentially pick power weapons that aren’t relevant to the map – 343 have clarified the system. They have said that the weapons aren’t completely random and are, in some ways, predictable. Further, we don’t know whether the system will be playlist and/or map specific. Remember, there’s a chance these changes won’t be in every playlist.

Increasing the pace

On that note, 343 Industries are introducing instant respawns in Halo 4. The implementation sounds like Call of Duty’s, where you press a button to respawn or respawn automatically after a short period (I’m guessing the usual five seconds). Again, many players thought the mechanic would be playlist-wide. 343 have confirmed it won’t be in Team Objective, suggesting it might not be in other playlists, where gameplay is built around killing players can carrying flags while the team respawns.

343 continued the controversy with a new ability called Forerunner Vision, which was compared to X-ray vision. This isn’t accurate, though. 343’s Frank O’Connor said you can “absolutely” not see through walls, and said players familiar with their surroundings would ditch the ability almost immediately. It seems the ability will be something akin to Call of Duty’s UAV, or maybe an extended radar where players see nearby weapon spawns.

Published: Wednesday, April 11th, 2012 Last Modified: June 29, 2014

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