Previewing Halo 4 Leaks: Multiplayer Edition, Battle Rifle With Hitscan, No Bloom

Halo 4 Multiplayer Leaks Details

343 Industries are shaking up a decade-old formula in the new trilogy. Halo 4’s Battle Rifle will return with hitscan and no bloom.

Many Halo fans have different ideas over what they want in the franchise when matchmaking, as do 343

Yesterday we reported on the changes 343 Industries are looking to make in the campaign in Halo 4, as they aim to added a deeper narrative. Today we cover the other half of the the GameInformer leaks: multiplayer.

It’s important to note that franchise development director at 343 Industries – Frank O’Connor – has since spoken on NeoGAF about the mechanics and said things have changed since the press preview. So bare that in mind, along with the fact this game likely isn’t releasing until at least September (when Halo games have historically launched).

The big feature in multiplayer for many fans is the returning Battle Rifle. Introduced in Halo 2 and brought back in Halo 3, the BR – as it’s known – is a three-shot semi-automatic rifle. In Halo 4, 343 have crucially revealed the weapon will be returning with hitscan and no bloom.

BR mechanics

The latter is pretty simple: the reticule won’t expand when firing, as most weapons do in Halo: Reach. Hitscan, though, means that players don’t have to lead bullets (i.e., fire slightly ahead of the player’s). Firing accurately at a player means bullets hit, instantly. This is how the BR performed in Halo 2, and is the most consistent implementation (in my opinion).

343 also revealed Sprint is back, and for all players. We won’t know how long players can sprint for, or how fast they move, but its implementation in Reach wasn’t entirely balanced as players could rush and perform a quick double-hit beatdown before the other player could react. This is bad, because less skilled players are rewarded for lacking skill. My hope is Sprint is either slower, or three melee hits kill, and/or players can’t sprint with power weapons (such as the rocket launcher).

It was also confirmed in the issue that there will be a new “Spartan Ops” mode. A supplement to the campaign, episodes will be releasing – not as DLC, but in Halo 4 – that enhance the campaign. Effectively mini episodes, replacing Firefight, they appear to be short experiences around a particular scenario.

Published: Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 Last Modified: April 10, 2012

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