Previewing E3 2012 Action Games: Dead Space 3, Hitman, Jet Set Radio HD, Spiderman, AC3

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Action Games are in abundance this year, but which should you pay attention to? Some of the top games include Dead Space 3, Hitman, Jet Set Radio HD, Spiderman, AC3

The action genre is probably the most popularised at E3, so we’re highlighting the best

The Amazing Spider-Man is the source of interest among gamers, after the franchise has failed to live up to the loft expectations set by Spider-Man 2, despite the movie tie-in. The developers, Beenox, have said the game will be open world. If they can pull it off, then I’m hyped.

Assassin’s Creed 3 is arguably the most anticipated in the genre, after the same old Revelations last year. We’re now fast forwarding to the American Revolution, where we control a Native American assassin who is being pitched as the neutral in the battle for America.

We’ve also seen new mechanics in the gameplay trailer, such as climbing up trees and hanging enemies from branches. That isn’t much alone, but if we’re allowed to perform kills in more ways then I’ll be happy. The past game have felt very similar, despite the excellent narrative and mission variety (bar Assassin’s creed 1).

Survival Horror, or Action?

Dead Space 3 has leaked gradually leading up to E3 2012, which will take Isaac away from the Ishimura spaceship and on to a snow planet where Necromorphs are once again roaming wild. It seems like the ship has crashed, though we don’t know for sure.

There will apparently be co-op, pitched as Isaac Clarke hallucinating with the narrative changing depending on whether playing along or in co-op. Worryingly the game introduces cover system, which isn’t good because the pace of the game might be faster unless cover can quickly erode away, while universal ammo pick ups are also rumored. Let’s hope the survival horror element doesn’t get lost in the brief.

Hitman: Absolution is an entry in the franchise after it seemed to be dead, seeming to be more action based. Hopefully we’ll still have a choice to approach situations how we want, rather than running and gunning.

Jet Set Radio HD brings the franchise, finally, to this generation of console. The Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network re-release includes 99% of music according to Sega, after fans had worried licenses to artist music couldn’t be obtained. The high definition update brings widescreen support, online leaderboards and a new camera system.

Published: Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 Last Modified: June 5, 2012

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