Preview Versions Of Windows RT Will Be Feature Limited, Upgradeable: But Why?

Preview Version Of Windows Rt

Windows RT is the stripped down version of Windows 8, designed for weaker hardware (tablets mainly). The feature-limited version of Windows 8 is apparently going to become feature limited moreso with a Preview version shipping before the full version.

If you’re planning on using Windows RT, then you’re probably going to be getting a fairly different Windows 8 experience

Sources speaking to technology website The Verge claim Microsoft is planning on shipping the preview version of Windows RT during 2012, for use on RT-enabled tablets. The release, for Windows RT and tablets, will probably be alongside Windows 8.

The source speaking to The Verge also claims the final copy of Windows RT will arrive in 2013, and the Preview versions will be upgradeable. It’s unclear why Microsoft is rolling out a Preview version, apart from the fact that it may not be ready. I want to say it doesn’t add up, but it’s hard to see why else Microsoft would release two versions of Windows RT.

Microsoft has removed features from the RT build of Windows 8 to improve battery life, and ensure reliability on tablet devices. Third-party add-ons, among other features available at the source link, have been dropped. So perhaps Microsoft hasn’t finished optimizing Windows RT for devices. I don’t understand why Microsoft is removing features to improve battery life, for example, when that seemed to be the point of Windows RT?

Upgrade For Free In 2013

The source added the bundles including the software have not been confirmed. However, The Verge reported the Office Home & Student 2013 RT Preview (take a deep breath) is preinstalled on Windows RT devices. We don’t know the packages Microsoft is planning to roll out, but it’s news we’re likely to hear the close we get to release.

There are two main version of Windows 8 for the casual consumer, Windows RT and Windows Pro. The versions will be available on Microsoft’s Surface PC/tablet devices, thought the Pro version is launched 90 days after the Surface RT’s October 26 debut. Again, we’re not quite sure why. There’s also the Enterprise version, and companies/users focusing on that edition of Windows 8 can get early access to the operating system.

Windows 8 launches October 26. Stay tuned for news every day on Microsoft’s upcoming operating system.

Published: Friday, August 10th, 2012 Last Modified: August 10, 2012

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