Preview Of Xbox One Update Aims To Improve Voice Recognition

The Xbox One has gotten a number of updates so far this year, and the preview program to beta users continues to get updates as well before they go public. On Friday, Microsoft via Major Nelson, talked about its latest, which will improve voice recognition on the Xbox One.

The preview beta tester program is aimed to get those who are signed up, early access to the updates, and give Microsoft feedback. The 300+ megabyte download will give more audio controls to users of the Xbox One, and help them control audio of the system.

Microsoft Shows Off New Sound Mixer App For Xbox One

Sound Mixer For Apps

The first major improvement for the Xbox One will be a new box of settings under the setting menu. it will have two new features that allow for controlling of audio options. The new sound mixer will allow control of volume levels of two apps when you use the Snap feature, which will help those looking to make one app louder than the other.

Also with this sound mixer, is the ability to control the volume levels when you are using the Kinect for chat. While adding a simple sound mixer might sound minimal to some, Microsoft realizes that sound controls are very important, and by giving users this capability it will add to the Xbox One experience.

Microsoft Shows Off System Update and Sound Updates For Upcoming Xbox One Updates

Opt In For Speech Recognition

Additionally, the ability to make the Kinect more responsive to audio commands is a huge feature that Microsoft and Xbox want to continue to give to users. Users will now be able to opt-in to a speech data collection, and will allow if desired, the ability to share audio with the Kinect and Microsoft.

The last piece of the update puzzle will be to give users the ability to get the next system update whenever its available. It wil be available under the settings menu, and then the system update box on that menu. It’s a small but needed addition to those looking to update their systems, and makes the Xbox One easier to use.

All of these updates are great for the Xbox One. The preview program is a success so far, and makes Microsoft a favorite with fans.

Published: Sunday, May 4th, 2014 Last Modified: May 4, 2014

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