Internet Explorer 11 Preview For Windows 7 Released

On Thursday, Microsoft releared the the developer preview of the Internet Explorer version 11 as been released on the web. Internet Explorer 11 is currently available in full release for Windows 8 currently, and this signals a path towards a full Windows 7 version soon.

One of the main things focused around Internet Explorer 11 is the ability to have safer browsing and to integrate HTML5 and other WebGL features in the browser. While the metro interface has been removed, it should give Windows 7 users something to try and update to soon.


Improved Performances and Load Times

One of the biggest improvements in Internet Explorer 11 is the increased performance of the browser overall and the significantly less load times. The improvements made to its JavaScript engine makes pages load quicker than other browsers including Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox, and Apple’s Safari Browser.

WebGL and Advanced HTML5 Support

One of the vast improvements though in Internet Explorer 11 is the advanced HTML5 support on the web. All users have to do is tryout the Netflix player, and users will see it flow quicker and more easily on the web. The WebGL fixes have made for faster flowing graphics on webpages and should be seen during load times on the browser.

Building Sites Easier With IE 11

One of the last points on the Internet Explorer 11 developer release was the developer additions. By pressing F12 in the browser, developers can view their code quicker, easier, and make any debugging issues on the spot with the browser. Developers will be able to use Internet Explorer 11 to make more responsive sites for brewers with this tool also.

Both users and developers should see vast improvements in using the web and building for the web with Internet Explorer 11. It is noted that this is only a developer release, but it has ironed out many of the bugs in the transformation from Windows 8. It will enable faster browsing, quicker browsing, better graphics support, and give developers something to build better web sites with using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 11 browser. This is available now via the Microsoft site and it urged to try if you want the latest IE on your system.

Published: Saturday, July 27th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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