Preorder Windows 7 and save $70-$100

Microsoft recently announced how much Windows 7 is going to cost.

Windows 7 Final Prices:

Windows 7 Home Premium: $120 for upgrade; $200 for full version
Windows 7 Professional: $200 for upgrade; $300 for full version
Windows 7 Ultimate: $220 for upgrade; $320 for full version

Preorder Windows 7

If you decide quickly, then you can save between $70 and $100, because Microsoft is going to offer a discounted price for preorders. According to Microsoft, preorders are limited.

Preorder Prices (Upgrade from Vista to Win7):

Windows 7 Home Premium (Upgrade only): $50

Windows 7 Professional (Upgrade only): $100

Windows 7 Ultimate (Upgrade only): $200

Reasons To Preorder Windows 7:

Well, if you own Vista and you are sure that you want to buy Windows 7, then this a great chance. If you plan to get Windows 7 Ultimate, then you could buy Windows 7 Home (Upgrade), pay for an upgrade to Ultimate (once it’s available) and save some money.

Actually, it’s a bit disappointing to see that they don’t offer a discounted price for Windows 7 Ultimate, because that’s the edition most advanced users are interested in.

Microsoft Store

You can preorder Windows 7 through Microsoft’s own online store: *Note it’s not available yet, they will add it tonight*

Microsoft Store

Also, if you buy a PC /w Windows Vista from tomorrow on, you can get a free Windows 7 upgrade.

Windows 7 E (EU) Can’t Upgrade From Vista

Starting July 15th, residents of the EU can buy Windows 7 at the discounted price. However, there will be no direct upgrade. Unfortunately, Windows 7 E (for EU) will not come with a preinstalled IE8 due to decisions of the cartel office; that means an upgrade from Vista won’t be possible at all!

What About Windows 7 Starter And Home Basic ?

Home Basic will  be only available in specific countries.

Windows 7 Starter will be available on many netbooks that are being sold by Asus, Dell and other companies.


Microsoft added a message to the top of their store:

“Thursday, June 25, between 4 p.m. and midnight, PDT, Microsoft Store will be making site improvements”

I suppse they are preparing the Windows 7 preorder launch. Good stuff!

Published: Friday, June 26th, 2009 Last Modified: May 26, 2013

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