Preorder Tron Evolution + Special Tron Controllers for XBOX, PS3 & Wii

You can start pre-ordering Tron Evolution, the upcoming Tron game. There’ll also be a special Tron XBOX360, Wii and PS3 controller with a fancy Tron design:

Tron XBOX360 controller

Tron Evolution will be released along with the new Tron movie Tron Legacy in December. If you still haven’t seen the trailer for Tron Legacy, you better go watch it RIGHT NOW. Watch Tron Legacy Trailer. Tron Evolution also has a lot of jump n’ run as well as RPG elements, but it’s mainly an action adventure. Oh yea and you can drive some crazy fast motorbikes .. and with crazy fast, I mean crazy fast! If you want to see the game in action, here’s a nice gameplay video from PAX 2010:

Release Dates:
Tron Evolution Release Date: 7 December 2010
Tron Legacy Release Date: 16 December 2010

Preorder Tron Evolution

Tron Evolution Box Art

Preorder TRON: Evolution @

Tron XBOX360 Controller

Tron XBOX360 controller

TRON Wired Controller for Xbox 360 Collector’s Edition

Tron Wii Controller

Tron Wii controller

TRON Remote Controller for Wii Collector’s Edition

Tron PS3 Controller

Tron PS3 controller

TRON Wired Controller for PS3 Collector’s Edition

Tron Evolution Pictures

Tron Windows Theme

Don’t forget to download this epic Tron Windows 7 Theme with some crazy designs just like this one:

Tron Legacy Windows 7 Theme

Download Tron Windows 7 Theme

Published: Saturday, September 18th, 2010 Last Modified: September 18, 2010

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