Are you going to preorder Star Wars The Old Republic?

Are you going to preorder Star Wars The Old Republic? There are some games that are simply a must-buy, even if you play only occasionally. One of those games is certainly Star Wars The Old Republic. We want to know if you are going to preorder SWTOR or if you will wait until beta.

Preorder Star Wars The Old Republic

Since Star Wars The Knights of The Old Republic we know that Bioware is capable of creating epic Star Wars RPG’s. There’s a lot of controversy what the better game is KOTOR 1 or 2, but I’m sure we can agree that they are both very high-quality games.

We have seen quite a bit of SWTOR gameplay, but only little PvP footage. If they (EA/Bioware) are going to release the game in 2011 as confirmed by EA’s CEO, we will soon get more details and possibly more information about a collector’s edition. Supposedly, we will be able to preorder the game during the next few months.

Everything on so far indicates that this game is going to be a triple A game without question. The game received some negative previews from international gaming magazines, but usually magazines gives MMO’s very low ratings or don’t even have the knowledge to write a meaningful preview, so I really don’t care much about those.

Preorder Links

We’ll be adding more preorder links here as soon as it becomes available. As of right now, you can only be notified when SWTOR becomes available for preorder:

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Published: Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 Last Modified: June 4, 2013

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