Star Wars The Old Republic: Deceived Now Available For Preorder

It can’t be long until we can finally preorder Star Wars The Old Republic. If you can’t wait, you can already preorder the novel based on the storyline of SWTOR. The novel is called SWTOR: Deceived (even uses the same cover as the Deceived trailer):

Preorder Star Wars The Old Republic: Deceived

You can preorder the game novel here:
Star Wars: The Old Republic: Deceived

The second novel set in the Old Republic era and based on the massively multiplayer online game Star Wars®: The Old Republic™ ramps up the action and brings readers face-to-face for the first time with a Sith warrior to rival the most sinister of the Order’s Dark Lords—Darth Malgus, the mysterious, masked Sith of the wildly popular “Deceived” and “Hope” game trailers.

Malgus brought down the Jedi Temple on Coruscant in a brutal assault that shocked the galaxy. But if war crowned him the darkest of Sith heroes, peace would transform him into something far more heinous—something Malgus would never want to be, but cannot stop, any more than he can stop the rogue Jedi fast approaching.

Her name is Aryn Leneer—and the lone Knight that Malgus cut down in the fierce battle for the Jedi Temple was her Master. And now she’s going to find out what happened to him, even if it means breaking every rule in the book.

The book will be released on March 22th, 2011. Could a final release date for SWTOR be announced soon? It’s very likely that they will allows us to preorder SWTOR very soonish. EA CEO, Ricitello already confirmed that the game will be released in 2011.

You can be notified when SWTOR will be available for preorder here:
Preorder SWTOR
Star Wars: The Old Republic

Published: Monday, February 28th, 2011 Last Modified: April 27, 2012

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