Preorder Listing Unveils Wii U Price And Possible Release Date

A UK website allows people to preorder the Wii U now. However, their price estimate is £399.85. More details after the break.

Wii U Preorder Listing Price Release Date

Preorder Price Estimate £399.85

The website believes the Wii U price could be as high as £399.85. They also believe the Wii U will be available on July 20th, 2012.

Wii U Preorder Listing Price Release Date

What is even more surprising are not only their price estimates and release date, it’s the fact that the preorder is currently “sold out”.

Is the Wii U in such a demand? Would you pay a price of £399.85 for the Wii U, making it one of the most expensive consoles at launch date? The console has much to offer, including a fully functional handheld-iPad-like-with-display-controller.

Because of the very uncertain Wii U Release Date, we have created a preorder page for you where can sign up to preorder the Wii U. You can also preorder the Wii U at Amazon (or at least get notified when the preorder becomes available). However, the Wii U might be cheaper at other places, which we will send out via email.

Mail: Preorder Nintendo Wii U – UK/US. For even more information about the Wii U, go to

Published: Thursday, June 9th, 2011 Last Modified: June 9, 2011

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