Preorder Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition: Get Early Access to Beta

Guild Wars 2 Collectors Edition

AreaNet offers players early access to the closed beta for preordering the Guild Wars 2 Collector’s edition.

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Guild Wars will offer a pre-purchase beta in April for players who pre-order the Collectors Edition

The closed beta of Guild Wars 2 is happening right now, with the press sharing their impressions of the beta as they get exclusive playtime. Next month, in April, everyone will have to chance to get into the beta.

Players can get into the beat by pre-ordering the Collectors Edition of Areanet’s upcoming MMO from April 10. Pre-ordering guarantees all player who into all beta weekend – suggesting there will be multiple weekend for players – and will guarantee them access three days early to the event.

The Collectors Edition will cost $149.99 and includes a 10-inch, hand-painted statue of the warrior Rytlock Brimstone. The version of the game also includes a custom frame, along with five Guild Wars 2 art prints, a 112-page “Making of Guild Wars 2” hardback book and a “Best of Guild Wars 2” soundtrack by Jeremy Soule, the game’s composer.

The package also gives players access to five in-game items including a Mistfire Wolf that will accompany players in battle, and a miniature Rylock that comes along with players as they travel through Tyria. Along with this there’s the Golem Banker, a Chalice of Glory and a Tomb of Influence. All of this comes in a metallic box with an engraved map of Tyria.

Areanet and NCSoft are also offering two other editions of the game: a Deluxe Edition, costing $79.99, which only includes the five in-game items from the Collectors Edition. The Standard Edition is $20 cheaper at $59.99, which comes with the game only (there is no subscription for Guild Wars 2, remember).

It has also been revealed that pre-purchasing Guild Wars 2 will get a Hero’s band, which is exclusive to pre-ordering. Pre-ordering the game through stores will get players into the game one day early.

Record pre-order

It was also revealed before the Closed Beta began to a million player signed up in 48 hours, a record figure. Not all players got into the beta however, which only a fraction being picked.

Guild Wars 2 is set to launch later this year on PC.

Published: Monday, March 19th, 2012 Last Modified: March 19, 2012

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