GTA 5 *Was* Shortly Available For Pre-Order

GTA 5 Box Art We still don’t have a release date for GTA 5 yet, but for a short time you could pre-order GTA 5 at the swedish online shop Webhallen. Will there be an announcement by Rockstar Games relatively soon?

Pre-Order GTA 5 Links

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Pre-order @ Webhallen (removed again)

GTA 5 Box Art/Cover

This might not be the official box art of GTA 5, but that’s what the Swedish online retailer used for selling GTA5:

Pre Order GTA 5

GTA 5 Hollywood?

Webhallen also leaked information about GTA 4, so this might the first unofficial announcement that we’re getting closer to a GTA 5 release. Supposedly, Rockstars will release a debut trailer during the next weeks or months (weeks more likely).

GTA 5 might go to Hollywood this time. After Vice City (Miami) and Liberty City (New York) there will surely be another popular American city. L.A. might not be so close to the Rockstar Games HQ (in NY), but I’m sure they have enough money for a research trip to Hollywood.

GTA 5 Pre-Order Bonus

As soon as we get any infos about a pre-order bonus, the bonus items and content will be listed here.

Published: Friday, August 27th, 2010 Last Modified: November 2, 2011

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