Preorder Dota 2: Price Revealed

It looks like DotA 2 will be available for preorder shortly. The preorder price is about $60

Where to preorder Dota 2

Swedish online retailer was the first to allow DotA 2 preorders – at a price of roughly $60.

Preorder Price for Dota 2

As of right now, DotA 2 is not listed on or any other popular online retailers.

We will keep you posted on any updates and when it becomes available for preorder on Amazon, Best Buy, etc.

Poll: Are You Going To Preorder DotA 2

Valve is new to the genre of fantasy and RTS games – however this also means they might be really motivated because they’re doing something new.

Anyway, do you think DotA 2 is a no-brainer or will you wait for more gameplay footage before you make your final call?

It will be interesting to see what Valve can pull off. It’s definitely going to be big.

Published: Tuesday, August 16th, 2011 Last Modified: August 16, 2011

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