Preorder Dead Island

Dead Island is coming out later this year (this summer!) If you already know that you want the game, you can now preorder Dead Island!
Preorder Dead Island

Survival games are trendy. Especially since Minecraft’s survival mode, survival games are somewhat popular and for good reason! They are so much fun! I’ve always been a big fan of sandbox games and they’re even better when you play multiplayer. Dead Island will include a multiplayer mode that allows you to team up with up to four-player other players. That alone is probably a good reason to preorder Dead Island.

The game is set in the Royal Palms Resort, in fictional Banoi, located in Papua New Guinea. For the entire story read this: Dead Island Story

Preorder Links

Dead Island will be available for multiple platforms, here are the preorder links:

Preorder Dead Island for PC
Dead Island for PC

Preorder Dead Island for XBOX360
Dead Island for XBOX360

Preorder Dead Island for PS3
Dead Island for PS3

Dead Island Features

  • Open World Horror Survival Game
  • 4 Player Coop
  • Customizing Weapons
  • Various RPG Elements
  • Tropical Island

Dead Island will be a great game for gamers who like sandbox game and coop games. So far, no word on any preorder bonus, but DeepSilver is probably adding a little incentive for preordering the game.

Published: Monday, March 28th, 2011 Last Modified: March 28, 2011

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