Premiere Madefire Comic Book Viewer Launches On Windows 10

There are millions of people of all ages who love comic books, and the advent of digital comics has made them more accessible to many around the world. Madefire finally released their digital comic book app, and it’s a great app on Windows 10.

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There are a number of digital comic book apps for Windows 10, but Madefire is one of the newest and most advanced. It is optimized for Windows 10, integrates Cortana into it, and supports all the major formats.

Madefire App Brings Digital Comics To Windows 10

Top Publishers Included

What makes a digital comic book app, is the selection of publishers that are supported with it. With Madefire, DC Comics, IDW, Dark Horse, Top Cow, and and others are being added on a now and weekly basis.

The Madefire app gives viewers the full characters and stories built within the comics, and offers them amazing features. These include 360 degree views, music, sound effects, and motion transport within the comic and world.

Read Transformers Comics On Winodws 10 With Madefire

Digital First Stories For Windows 10

An exclusive for Madefire, is the ability to experience digital first stories, that have been created to take advantage of Windows devices. These are not scanned-in print episodes, but built for Windows 10 machines.

The app is 100 percent free, and comes with a limited selection at first. Readers can download and buy their favorite comics on a weekly basis and read them from anywhere. With Cortana integration, Continuum support, and live tiles, it is a Windows comic book.

Madefire is an amazing digital comic book reader. If you love comics, try this free app today.

Published: Tuesday, April 12th, 2016 Last Modified: April 12, 2016

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