Pre Order Modern Warfare 3 Limited Edition Console

Microsoft confirmed that you can now preorder the Modern Warfare 3 limited edition console. The XBOX 360 dedicated to Modern Warfare 3 looks pretty darn hot. Check out the pictures after the break.

Preorder Modern Warfare 3 Limited Edition Console

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UPDATE: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Limited Edition console is now available at Amazon: Call of Duty MW3 Limited Edition

Limited Edition Console

Picture Of THe Limited Edition Console

Limited Edition Wireless Controller (2x)
Picture Of The Limited Edition Controller

Limited Edition Wireless Headset
Picture Of The Limited Edition Headset

The Call of Duty bundle will include all sorts of goodies. First of all you will get a limited edition XBOX 360 with a Modern Warfare 3 theme. The limited console plays custom sounds when you open the disc tray. You’ll also have plenty of space on that console – 320GB of disk space.

Also included in this special limited edition are two XBOX 360 controllers (wireless) and a wireless headset and of course a month of XBOX Live Gold. One of the XBOX Live goodies is a special avatar for all owners of this console.

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 XBOX 360 controllers will be available for about $59. You can also grab the Modern Warfare 3 headset for about $69.

If you still have no XBOX 360 or want a rather special Christmas gift for a hardcore Call of Duty fan, you can now preorder this limited console. It’s also a good investment for collectors and resellers. You can often resell the limited edition consoles at a much higher price when they run out of stocks.

We’ll keep you posted when the limited edition console will be available on

Published: Monday, September 5th, 2011 Last Modified: September 5, 2011

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