Pre-Order Crysis 3: The Hunter Edition

Preorder Crysis 3_Thumb Crysis 3 is a year away, but that doesn’t stop Crytek from revealing details about the upcoming Hunter edition.

If you pre-order the game, you will get the “Hunter edition” for free. But what is that edition and what does it include?

Hunter Edition Content

The Hunter edition of Crysis 3 includes various new multiplayer items. If you want to rock your opponents with a stylish bow and new nanosuit, the hunter edition is the perfect choice. Buyers of the regular edition have to unlock the first levels (characters levels) themselves, but you will start at level 5 right away, accessing new skins and dog tags.

Crysis 3 Bow
(Image: Crysis 3 – stylish hunting bow)

Also, there will be various other pre-order bonus, depending on where you actually pre-order the game. All pre-orders include the Hunter edition plus various “early access” features e.g. the Stalker Pack gives you early access to the Jackal shotgun, the Overkill pack to the Typhoon assault weapon and the Predator pack adds the Feline submachine.

Where To Pre-Order Crysis 3

We’ll keep you posted on where you will be able to pre-order Crysis 3 – the first place to check out is as usual This one

Depending on what preorder-bonus you want, you will have to get the item from other online retailers, but so far they haven’t added the game to their stores

Check Out First Gameplay Footage:

Crysis 3 Screenshots 05_Thumb

Crysis 3 Screenshots

Published: Monday, April 16th, 2012 Last Modified: April 16, 2012

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