What Is Your GPU Doing? Power Geek Unite With Windows GPU-Z

On Tuesday, Microsoft highlighted a powerful tool that is Windows-exclusive on their Extreme Windows Blog named GPU-Z. The tool will help give power users and geeks that ability to know everything that their GPU is doing in their computers, and will make nerds smile.

The tool as highlighted by Microsoft on Tuesday, is only available on Windows. Questions like wondering what the GPU is doing, how much GPU capability is being used, and any particular detail on your desktop or laptop GPU will know be available with just a simple mouse click.

Microsoft Highlights GPU Tool on Windows Extreme Blog on Monday

Features From GPU-Z

The GPU-Z tool offers a number of different features for GPU users. Those include support for NVIDA, AMD/ATI, and Intel GPUS, multi-GPU support. extensive info-views showing many GPU metrics, real-time monitoring of GPU statistics/data, and lastly the ability to log this to a excel-compatible file via CSV.

Graphics Cards Now In Detail

This free tool from TechPowerUp will give users the most intricate details on their GPU. Users can find out the name, GPU, technology, release date, BIOS, Pixel Fill-rate, Memory type and size, GPU clock speeds, and more with just a button push. This information has been available in professional level tools, but never before in a free tool, let alone on highlighted by Microsoft.

Technical and Information Hungry

This data might definitely be overload for most novice and intermediate users, but advanced users who play games, edit videos, or do heavy graphics work will find and use this information very important. The information in the sensors view for example can show real-time GPU data to users. This information lists GPU utilization and clock speeds at an instant. Other info such as GPU core clock and GPU temperature is also available within seconds, and makes a difference to those who use power hungry GPU functions on their systems.

This tool is a freebie, and available via the Extreme Windows Blog on Microsoft. It’s a free tool that is a geek tool for sure, but gives users tons of information on their GPU that they have never been able to see before. At least it’s a free tool and just a quick installation away for Microsoft and Windows users.

Published: Wednesday, August 7th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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