Power BI Gets New Updates

On their SQL Server Blog on Wednesday, Microsoft announced a number of updates for their Power BI for Office 365 Preview. The updates includes new natural language search and mapping capabilities which should help users who need business intelligence at a large scale.

While Power BI was in beta since July, it complements Excel is so many ways, that power business intelligence and data users have been using it and asking for updates. Users can use it within their organization, in the cloud, or use it in Azure, and are doing it in very large numbers.

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In Q&A, users are able to take enterprise data search, and use that data in all new ways. They are able to use the search experience to get almost instant results, produce charts, and get visualized data. The searches use natural language query to generate results and interpets it into correct interactive charts and graphs.

Power Maps

The second part of the updates for Power BI includes Power Map, formerly known as GeoFlow. The add-in for Excel gives users the ability to plot geographical and temporal data visually on Bing maps, analyze that data they are produced in 3D, and lastly create tours to share with others. Now users can color-code the areas, introduce geo-political areas, and roll in zip codes, countries, states, country/regions, and other factors to get maps of the data.

Tours Available in Power Map

The biggest part of the Power Map update in Power BI is the ability to take interactive tours of the data. The data and power map can produce videos optimized for mobile, tablets, computers, and HD displays. These tours can be shared on social media, PowerPoint slides and Office 365.

The combination of updates made to Power BI gives users looking for big data, all new ways to visualize and search for the data. The updates are ideally made for customers who are looking to comb through their data and produce visualizations to share with groups, executives, and others. Power BI is quickly becoming a huge play for Microsoft and Office 365, and as it rolls updates out, enterprise customers are loving it each time it is updated.

Published: Friday, September 27th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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