Possible Windows 8 Release Date Leaked And HD Windows 8 Tablets Coming Soon

Windows 8 HD tablets are coming soon! Microsoft also unveiled that 4 more Windows 8 forum events are planned before the final version of Windows will be released, making a September 2012 a possibility.

Windows8news seems to have gotten their hands on a product cycle chart from Microsoft. It does not mention exactly when the release will happened but it allows some educated guessing. In other news, Windows 8 is ready for full HD display tablets. They are apparently already in the works in the background.

Microsoft Product Cycle Suggests Four More Important Events To Follow Before Windows 8 Launch

According to the product chart leaked to the news source, there are 6 “Forum Events” planned, from Forum I to Forum VI. So far, Forum I and II have taken place. Leaving room for four more such events.

Now the gap between Forum I and II was four months. This makes for about a 16-20 month time span between April 2010 and the Windows 8 launch. This puts the estimated time of launch around late 2011. This matches correctly with the September launch; however, the site did make an inaccurate prediction of Windows 8 Beta becoming available in June2011.

Also, the whole cycle suggests an October release for the actual product. If the world has not ended by then next year, we will definitely be in for a great new form of Windows on all sorts of different devices.

Windows 8 Full HD Tablets To Be Released Soon

Although there has been no separate announcement to this effect — Windows 8 is in fact ready for Full HD tablets. This means that on your typical 10.6″ tablets, the PPI density would be 208 instead of 148. This is confirmed by the fact that Windows 8 already supports vector graphics and also automatic selection of graphics from options uploaded by the developer. The apps will depend on the Windows 8 system, specifically the WinRT to choose what is best suited to the display at hand.

This would be competing with Apple’s own high resolution ‘Retina Display’ as seen on the iPhone 4 and perhaps soon to come on the new iPad 3. The native resolution on these 10inch tablet would be — the full HD resolution.

Published: Sunday, September 18th, 2011 Last Modified: September 18, 2011

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