Possible Counter-Strike Global Offensive Beta In Late 2011?

Yes, there might be a Counter-Strike Global Offensive beta. If we’re really lucky it will be in 2011.
CS:GO Beta Date

Beta Testing CS:GO

Multiplayer betas are now very common and they have always been common for Counter-Strike players. Valve stated that they changed the weapon accuracy and need further feedback on it.

A change in weapon accuracy was always a big problem for Counter-Strike players. Many CS players rejected CS:S and still do, because of it’s completely different accuracy system. One of the reasons why Counter-Strike 1.6 is still played to date.

The beta will hopefully also allow us to test the new ranking system and the new equipment purchase system. Supposedly, you can buy this equipment purchase system and buy equipment even after the buying time is up. If this turns out to be true, it might change tactical gameplay quite a lot.

Hopefully, Valve will announce a release date for Counter-Strike Global Offensive and for the beta real soon.

Published: Sunday, August 14th, 2011 Last Modified: August 14, 2011

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