Portal Short Film, Portal 2 DLC Release Date and Wallpapers

If you are currently waiting for Portal 2 DLC’s (release date after break) and haven’t seen the Portal short film by Dan Trachtenberg yet, make sure to check this out. A high-quality live action short film. Very cool!

Portal 2 DLC

DLC Release Date

Valve announced that they are going to release a Portal 2 DLC pack in mid-September 2011.

The Portal 2 DLC will include leaderboards, a challenge mode for single AND multiplayer and a bunch of new test chambers. That really sounds promising. You will also find various fanmade challenges for Portal 2 online.

Short Film

With over 6 million views it’s already a very popular short film. Best of all, people who have no clue of Portal will easily understand it.

Portal 2 Wallpapers And Windows 7 Theme

If you’re looking for a few Portal 2 desktop themes and backgrounds:

Published: Monday, September 5th, 2011 Last Modified: September 5, 2011

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