Portal 2 Wallpaper – Is The Cake A Lie?

The cake is not a lie! The Portal 2 gameplay video was quite a surprise and I’m really looking forward to Valve’s innovative puzzle game that’s so famous for its special robotic humor.

Portal 2 Wallpaper

Portal is one of Valves most popular games on Steam – Valve is working on Source 2 and might release a Portal extension or even Portal 3 in the coming years

Unfortunately, Portal 2 won’t be coming until 2011. Valve have big plans and want to release it for all major consoles, so I guess that they might a bit longer to finish the development.

You can download the  wallpaper here, simply right-click and click on “Save as”

The official Portal 2 wallpaper:

Portal 2 Wallpaper 1

Here’s a wallpaper with a portal:

Portal 2 Wallpaper 1

Of course we also need a Portal wallpaper with the companion cube, right?
Portal 2 Wallpaper 1

If you’re a fan of Portal and want to create some Portal wallpapers, send them to [email protected] or submit a link below and we’ll reward you.

Portal 2 Windows 7 Theme

Here’s a free Portal 2 theme including the wallpapers above and the Portal 2 color scheme:

Portal 2 Windows 7 Theme

Download Portal 2 Windows 7 Theme

Published: Saturday, June 19th, 2010 Last Modified: March 7, 2014

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