Portable Xbox 360 Coming? Release Date Scheduled For 2011?

Is a portable XBOX 360 coming this year? Sony had some success with their PSP (portable Playstation), so why should Microsoft not try to come up with a porable XBOX 360 and snag some of their market share.

Portable XBOX 360

Microsoft had a lot of success with their Xbox 360 and now the Kinect motion control is also catching on quite well. However, the latest trend in the gaming market is no longer motion detection, it is portability. iOS devices are giving tough competition to Nintendo and Sony, who are currently working on Project Café and NGP (Next Generation Portable) respectively. So is it time for Microsoft to unleash something similar?

What Is Microsoft Up To?

The first Xbox had a hard time gaining ground but ever since the Xbox 360 hit the stores about 6 years back, Microsoft’s market share grew and grew. Especially because they have their hooks on one of the most successful game franchises in history — Halo. And also the vastly popular Xbox Live community.

But now, the emphasis is on portable devices that are powerful enough to render high quality graphics and powerful game play. Sony will try to conquer the market with their super secretive NGP device. Nintendo’s 3DS was quite a success and they are also working on a Wii2, which might be unveiled at the E3 this year.

What is Microsoft up to ?

Halo Kinect And Nokia’s Latest Project @ E3 2011?

As the industry prepares for E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) coming up next month, almost everyone is expecting Microsoft to bring out something  in the Halo franchise — a Kinect controlled version.

That itself is quite an exciting news — playing Halo with Kinect is bound to be full of super awesomeness. However, if Microsoft were to announce a portable device that would have HD graphics and would carry the whole XBOX Live experience, that would definitely up the ante a lot more.

Nokia has applied for a patent for a glasses free portable 3D device. And they are also supposed to working on a Windows 8 tablet. Put the two together and you can see a lot happening behind the scenes. Of course, all of it is speculation. So far there has been no confirmation of any kind.

We’ll keep you posted if there are any official or inofficial news on a portable XBOX 360.

Published: Tuesday, May 17th, 2011 Last Modified: May 19, 2011

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