Poll: Whats Your Favourite Xbox Live Arcade Game?

There are loads of XBLA games, some of them really stand out from the crowd, so we want to know – what is your favorite Xbox Live Arcade game?

Castle Crashers

This release back in 2008 defined how much fun an Xbox Live Arcade game could be. While the graphics were beautiful, fun and bright they were remarkably simple along with the hack and slash gameplay.

A throw back to the days of Streets of Rage and Golden Axe the game exceled when played with another person either offline or online providing endless hours of humour, secrets and above all button mashing fun. If you still haven’t checked this title out be sure to do so! You’re in for a treat!


Shadow Complex

Shadow Complex surprised many when it was released. The campaign was lengthy. The gameplay was tight. The game had voice acting and a decent ( story excellent graphics. How was this not a full priced release?

The game took was a Metroid inspired title that had some of the best level design and power ups in a video game. This meant some smart backtracking as gamers discovered secrets and quirks that made their exploring worthwhile. Impatient players could blast through the title without any of that but would be missing out the best of what Shadow Complex has to offer.



Fez featured heavily on a documentary revolving around Indie Games prior to release and along with hype itself for a game that was delayed more times than one can remember the anticipation had built heavily for this title.

It delivered just what it promised. Eventually.

Another beautifully, painstakingly crafted title that allowed gamers to switch a 2d world to 3d and back in again in order to conquer its many mysteries. Fez is definitely and proudly different but is one of the XBLA games any gamer should make sure to try out and not miss.



Braid most certainly caught the imagination of reviewers upon release and is the most critically acclaimed title on the marketplace. Some gamers could never see the big deal and they are right – it is hard to explain what makes Braid such an unqualified masterpiece – but it is.

Put down your AK 47s and get out of those racing cars for a moment and take the time to enjoy and delve into a platformer that relies on puzzles, gaming mechanics and atmosphere to trap you into a world where everything just seamlessly works – even when it doesn’t. Braid challenges while always remaining enjoyable. You have probably already played but if you haven’t – what are you waiting for!


The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a massively popular TV series that is focused on tense moments, character development and zombie killing. Queue a crappy FPS zombie shooter tie in.


Telltale produced one of the great gaming moments with their 5 episodes of the Walking Dead. At times representing an Interactive story more than a video game the game was nonetheless a massive success. The gameplay is tight and enjoyable but always secondary to an incredibly well-written title that focused on creating key gamer choice situation that crafted each players own tale. Well done Telltale.Well done.


Published: Friday, August 2nd, 2013 Last Modified: August 2, 2013

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