Poll Reveals Three-Way Split On What Devices Windows 8 Users Will Use

Poll Reveals Three Way Split On What Devices Windows 8 Users Will Use

Microsoft wants Windows 8 to be used on multiple devices, including tablets — the first real push for a Windows operating system in forever. So what devices are users going to use? Well, all of them according to PCWorld.

A three-way split emerged when a pool asked users what devices will be used when running Windows 8

The upside of Windows 8 perhaps not working optimall y on a mouse and keyboard-equipped is that there will be plenty of tablets on offers. And that’s exactly the mentality users are taking when deciding what devices to use for Windows 8:

Desktops received 17 percent of the votes and laptops came in second with 14 percent. PCWorld made a similar analysis to that I just mentioned: Windows 8’s Modern II works well on touch devices, yet PCs and laptops are being chosen.

Three percent of votes went towards using a smartphone — not running Windows 8, though it runs the similar Windows Phone 7 and 8 operating system system — so we’ll have to see how the results fare when Microsoft launched Windows Phone 8. Developers can co-build apps for Windows 8 aaand Windows Phone 8. In theory that should boost the Windwos Phone marketplace, important considering it’s struggling to gain ground on iOs and Android.

38 percent of the respondents said they won’t use Windows 8, though that’s honestly not a surprise. Windows 8 is a big shift in how Microsoft approaches development of an operating system. According to PCWorld the figures was at 44 percent in April.

Seven percent of respondents said multiple devices will be used with Windows 8, and 4 percent don’t know. It’s itneresting some of the respondets will ahve used at least one of the Consumer or Release Previws, or the most recent release to manufacturing builds. Though the pool ran before RTM was announced.

We’ll have to see how Windows 8 perosm when release October 26, and if the high percentages for mouse and keyboard usage with Windows 8 is because the desktop enviroment will perdominantly will be used.

Published: Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012 Last Modified: August 22, 2012

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