Poll Results: More Than 60% Of You Will Preorder Windows 8!

The first results are in for our poll “Will you preorder Windows 8”. The results are quite amazing 50% of over 600 people will actually preorder Windows 8. More statistics after the break.

Preordering Windows 8 Yes NO

Are you going to preorder Windows 8?

329 people voted for “YES Definitely, Windows 7 is awesome” – all in all nearly 52%!

79 people voted for “YES, pretty satisfied with Windows 7” – nearly 12,5%

113 people still need an incentive to preorder Windows 8, either a discount or a reward – nearly 18%

64 people voted for NO and will wait until they can buy it in stores (offline)

49 people have no reason to be here and believe that Windows is still terribly bad – about 8%



Looks like a lot of people have faith in Microsoft and Windows 8. Windows 7 convinced them that Windows 8 will be yet another great OS with lots of new features and ways to explore the digital world. 20% still need an incentive, but will possibly buy Windows 8 after its release.

Of course, 600 votes are not enough to draw any real conclusions, but it is still a promising result and shows that many of our visitors can’t wait for Windows 8 to be released and would preorder the second it gets available.


If you would like to, you can still participate in this poll and vote on your own on our Windows 8 preorder page where you can also subscribe to our preorder alert that will automatically notify you when Windows 8 becomes available for preorder.

Results Summary

Poll Results Will You Preorder Windows 8

Published: Monday, August 29th, 2011 Last Modified: August 29, 2011

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