Pokemon MMO on the Horizon?

Is there a Pokemon MMO on the horizon? Our current poll shows that there’s clearly a great demand for a Pokemon MMO. Does Nintendo have any explanations why there is not Pokemon MMO yet – and, more importantly, will there be one in the near future?

Pokemon MMO

Official Nintendo Statement: Why is there no Pokemon MMO

One year ago, Pokemon franchise director , explained why there is no Pokemon MMO yet:

“At this point, we’re not thinking of going in that direction. Trading is a core concept of Pokémon. So when you’re trading, you meet with a friend and decide which one you want and which one they want” Source: Vg247

The “Trading Concept”?

Ok, trading is a vital part of the Pokemon concept, but is that really a reason why there is no Pokemon MMO yet or is money behind it all? Often, Pokemon fans feel themselves forced to buy both Pokemon games, because they are not that much into trading with other people or simply can’t find someone who’s willing to trade with them. Aside from that, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl have the wifi global trading system that allows people to trade Pokemons without actually meeting – so, is the “trading concept” really an explanation? No, it’s not.

Nintendo Shuts Down Fanmade Pokemon MMO

Just recently, Nintendo shut down an entire Pokemon fan-made MMO that was about to get popular. Doesn’t that underline that there is a great demand for a Pokemon MMO?

PokeNet “Valiant Venonat” received a takedown request from Nintendo in late March, although there are many other Pokemon MMO’s out there.

Pokemon MMO: Pokemon World Online

Another Pokemon MMO Pokemon World Online is still online and flourishing with 200+ players online at any given time.

Pokemon MMO: Pokemon World Online

Pokemon MMO: Pokemon Universe

The same is true for the Pokemon MMO: Pokemon Universe.
Pokemon MMO: Pokemon Universe

So, why is Nintendo not releasing their own Pokemon MMO, don’t they realize that there is a great demand or do they believe that they can make more money selling two Pokemon games for $34.99 each to every Pokémon fan instead of getting paid millions every month?

It is estimated that Blizzard makes 1.725 billion dollars gross per month from about 8 million World of Warcraft subscribers. So, if Nintendo would release a decent Pokemon MMO and get 10 million subscribers (a ridiculous low number for a game as popular Pokemon) they’d make billions every month! It clearly can’t be the money, so what is it? Please Nintendo, enlighten us! Are you already working on a Pokemon MMO? You better are! Instead, they could also make a game like Pokemon Black and White and add online features like online tournaments, online trading and other features players have been asking for. That would be really innovative, but as of right now I agree with Kotaku reader PimpNinja24:

I have stopped buying Pokemon games. They aren’t bad, but to me they grew tiresome. I feel like I’m playing the same game, with no real improvements, and the gameplay to me is too simplistic.

I am sure that many people would love to play a Pokemon MMO even more than a Morrowind MMO, what do you think?

Published: Friday, April 9th, 2010 Last Modified: April 9, 2010

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