Pokemon Conquest Brings Real Time Strategy to the Pokemon Franchise

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Nintendo reveals Pokemon Conquest details ahead of June 18 release date.

Pokemon Conquest bring real-time strategy to the Pokemon franchise this June

Pokemon Conquest is the translated version of Pokemon + Nobunga’s Ambition, which release June 18. Nintendo is releasing details of the game with just over a month to go before release. Conquest brings the RTS genre to the Pokemon, which may not seem like the most natural fit.

There are 17 kingdoms to conquest in Pokemon Conquest, which are done through episodes in Story Mode. The campaign is going to be long, Nintendo say, across a variety of locations and battlefields. There is also a warlord system that allows users to train armies, along with local multiplayer.

Players will explore the Ransei region and take on the role a Warlord who is linked to a Pokemon. Warrior allies are recruited to increase the strength of the kingdom. The game can be played on the 3DS in 2D mode, and is developed Teckmo Koei Games Ltd.

Game details

As far as story goes, the Ransei region needs to be saved from Nobunga who is a Warlord trying to take over Ransei. If players conquer all 17 kingdoms, uniting the kingdom awakens the Legendary Pokemon and save the region. Players progress through episodes, and episodes are unlocked by progressing through the story. Each episode features different Warlords to play as and different victory conditions, Nintendo say.

Defeating a Warlord and recruiting Pokemon grows an army. After a kingdom is conquered, players have access to the kingdom facilities such as training grounds and shops to buy items (mines are used for money). Linking with Pokemon also strengthens an army, and Warlord can have linked Pokemon and switch between them before a battle depending on the upcoming that.

There a range of battlefields, which each kingdom having a differently themed battlefield. Training grounds can be used to train wild Pokemon and link with them. Warlords are registered automatically after fighting with them.

Each Warlord has a special ability that can influence a battle. An example given is Warlord Oichi who has the ability to heal players’ Pokemon. Warlords also come in different types which determine how well they link with Pokemon.

More information about Pokemon Conquest can be found on pokemon.com.

Published: Friday, May 4th, 2012 Last Modified: May 4, 2012

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