PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Has Characters And Stages Leaked (List!)

Playstation All Stars Battle Royale Characters Stages

After a join hacking venture between communities Gamefaqs, NeoGAF, and Reddit, Sony’s brawler has seen is marketing schedule leaked. Characters and stages, along with the images, have been leaked.

List Of Characters

For explanations and appearances see below

  • Infamous Cole
  • Dante
  • Heihachi
  • Jak
  • Raiden
  • Sackboy
  • Sir Daniel
  • Fat Pricess
  • Kratos
  • Nathan Frake
  • Parappa the Rappa
  • Sweetotth
  • Nariko
  • Toro
  • Ratchet
  • Spike

Developers and publishers might like to gradually reveal content for a game, though not when fans do your job

Sony’s PlayStation All-Star Battle Royal brings the Super Smash Bros. formula to PlayStation, and Sony’s well known IPs. The characters representing intellectual properties have been leaked.

First, the characters. While Crash Bandicoot is criminally missing (assuming the list is accurate), we have: Infamous’ Cole, and seemingly a good (coleg) and bad (coleevil) version of the protagonist; Dante, from Devil May cry; Tekken’s Heihachi; Jak, from Jak and Daxter; Raiden, from Metal Gear Solid; Sackboy, from Little Big Planet; Sir Daniel, form MediEvil; Fat Princess, from the self title game; Kratos; from God of War; Nathan Drake of Uncharted, of course; Parappa the Rappa from his series of the same name; Sly Cooper, of the Sly Cooper franchise; Sweetooth of Twisted Metal; Nariko, from Heavenly Sword; Toro, the fictional cat created by Sony that appeared in Ape Escape; Ratchet, of Ratchet and Clank; and Spike, the playable character in Ape Escape. That’s a big list, but so is Super Smash Bros.’ roster.

Surely This Isn’t Everything?

Stages are the Paris Stage from Sly Cooper, Black Rock Stadium Stage for Twisted Metal, BioShock Infinite’s Columbia Stage, Invasion for Killzone’s stage, Alden’s Tower for Infamous, Franzea for Loco Roco, San Francisco for Resistance, the Stowaway’s Stage from Uncharted 3, and Timestation form Ape Escape. It’d be surprising if that’s the full list. The Franzea, San Francisco, Stowaways, and Timestation stage is apparently cut content.

There’s also a list of game modes, from the regular Arcade Mode to Free Roam to a Capture the Flag objective mode. On relatively small, 2D stages a Capture the Flag mode seems pointless. As does Free Roam. Free Roam isn’t to be confused with Training, so it’s definitely different to what we’ve seen in Smash Bros.

Apparently the file is extracted from the recent beta, and the word leak is written across the images so it’s almost impossible to see the images.

IF this is all the content in the game, then it’s a huge mistake by Sony and the developers.

Published: Tuesday, July 31st, 2012 Last Modified: July 31, 2012

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