PlayStation All Stars Battle Royal Unashamedly Borrows from Super Smash Bros. (Part One)

All Stars Battle Royal Vs Super Smash Bros
Sony unveils what, it hopes, will be the premier fighting title on the PS3.

Sony unveils an all-star cast in its Smash Bros.-esque fighting title for the PlayStation 3

Sony unveils its version of Super Smash Bros., bringing Sony’s wealth of first-party titles and the associated characters. After plenty of rumors and details, Sony has lifted the press embargo to reveal details.

The title was previously known as Title Fight, and is being developed at SuperBot Entertainment along with the help at of Sony’s Santa Monica Studio. Sony aren’t denying the game is a revision of the Super Smash Bros. formula, but are creating something unique.

The studio has been solely designed for building Battle Royal, with team members previously working on the genre, including developers from Mortal Kombat and UFC Undisputed. Royal is Sony’s attempt to take the formula to the next level, which could be exactly what’s needed to freshen up the Smash Bros. formula. The Smash Bros. creator even talked about reaching a dead end if they continued to just introduce more characters and more stages, so a fresh direction is desired.

More characters coming

Six characters have been shown off from the game: Fat Princess, Parappa the Rappa, Sly Cooper, Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal), Colonel Radec (Killzone) and Kratos. More characters will be revealed as Sony build up to the Holiday 2012 launch.

Like Smash Bros., characters have individual combat styles. Parappa the Rapper is a short-range, melee-based character, while Colonel Radec is a long-range character that uses guns and other technology.

Sly Cooper is very agile, and has a special ability to turn invisible while sacrificing the ability to block attacks. Fat Princess relies on getting up close and summoning minions in addition to her attacks.

Characters also have special attacks that are built up through a meter, which become more powerful as the meter grows. That seems like the multiple levels of attacks like in Street Fighter. For example, Sly Cooper’s special attack allows him to attack on the top on enemies. Level 3 attacks seem to be the most powerful, and almost result in certain death for player on-screen.

There are two stages per franchise, and Dreamscape, which combines Little Big Planet with Buzz! resulting in in-game quizzes.

Published: Friday, April 27th, 2012 Last Modified: April 27, 2012

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