PlayStation 4 Specs: Quad-Core AMD CPU And Radeon GPU With 1GB RAM

Orbis Specs Ps4 With amd Quad Core Cpu Radeon Gpu

It is now being speculated that the Playstation 4 “Orbis” will have 1GB GPU RAM and use a Quad-Core CPU from AMD.

Sony will base their internals off AMD chipsets as they look to encourage third-party development

Another week, another round of next-gen rumours. At this point it seems like some Web sites are getting genuine information, while others are simply contributing to the rumour frenzy without substantial information. Who is doing what is unknown, but Fudzilla report that Sony will go with AMD internals.

The PlayStation 4 – apparently codenamed Orbis – will feature internals from AMD, which has been widely rumoured as Sony look to appease third-party developers who found development for the Cell architecture difficult. The report says that the console will use the AMD A8-3850 APU and a Radeon 7670 GPU.

Rumours from IGN last week said Sony would look to be offering similar specs with their next-gen console, using two chipsets to offset rendering demands on one card. Fudzilla say that the AMD chip is clocked at 2.9 GHz and will be a quad-core chip. Rumours from Xbox World, we reported last week, said the next-gen Xbox would have staggering 16 cores. While four could be used for the next version of Kinect, that would still be a staggering amount and would put the console beyond current PCs. Note: I think that’s unlikely. Very, very unlikely.

Surprising amount of GPU RAM: 1GB

Fudzilla also report that the Radeon GPU will have 1GB of RAM, though offers no clock speed despite hinting that they have heard of figures. To me, 1GB of RAM sounds fairly average for a next-gen console. I expect Sony to go big, so it would surprise me if they tried to go beyond that. Still, 1GB of RAM will offer solid performance if third-party developers come on board.

What’s surprising from the report is Fudzilla quote developers who say the box is “on par” with the current generation. Reaction from consumers upon hearing news of the Wii U not being better than current generation console was negative, so if Sony only maintained performance levels then there could be similar reactions. For this reason I doubt Sony will stagnate, though the PS2 offered worse performance than the Xbox – which could produce 720p – so Sony has been known to be second best. The PS3 is known for its power.

Published: Monday, April 9th, 2012 Last Modified: April 9, 2012

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