PlayStation 4 Sells Over 9.7 Million Games and 4.2 Million Consoles

Soon after Microsoft announced their sales figures Sony have hit back with some impressive stats of the own.

Sony Beats Microsoft Sales Figures

Both next-generation consoles have enjoyed a good start to life after a few hiccups early on in both their launches and buildups to their respective releases.


Microsoft recently came out and announced that they had sold over 3 million Xbox One consoles which put any fear of gamers hunger for new hardware to bed. It was also clear to see from the statement that the company was very happy with the sales figures reached.

Now Sony have come out and announced just how well they are hardware and software sales have been doing since the PlayStation 4 was launched back in November, and the figures make for very impressive reading indeed.

PlayStation 4 Shifts Over 4.2 Million Units

First of all, the PlayStation 4 gaming console itself has shifted over 4.2 million units between its release in November till the end of 2013.


Not only that, but this astronomical figure is backed up by a massive 9.7 million PlayStation 4 games that have also been sold meaning the consoles software has also been absolutely flying off the shelves. That figure represents over two games per each PlayStation 4 sold.

What is even more impressive, is the fact that some of the big exclusive software releases have been held back and are yet to come out for the console, so we should see a further spike in sales during the upcoming year.

PlayStation Plus Subscriptions Up 90%

Each PlayStation Plus subscription is a valuable source of recurring revenue for Sony and it seems to be something that they are really pushing this year, with even better offers.


Well that stance seems to have paid off, and since the release of the PlayStation 4 console subscriptions for Sony’s PlayStation Plus service have risen by an incredible 90%. This is news that is sure to be well received in Sony’s headquarters means we may be able to see more promotions in the future.

As for their streaming services that include Twitch and Ustream, Sony have reported 20% of gamers have used the future, and over 1.7 million broadcasts have been streamed across the services so far, adding up to a total of 55 million minutes. Anyone care to watch it all?

Published: Thursday, January 9th, 2014 Last Modified: January 9, 2014

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