Playstation 4 Price Will Be Affordable

Playstation 4 Deposit Preorder_ll The first online retailers are allowing you to preorder the Playstation 4 and the first price speculations are in as well.

Analysts See Playstation 4 Price Between $300 and $500

Sony announced that the Playstation 4 will be “relatively” cheap. Analysts believe the console might cost somewhere between $400 and $500. Sony’s console is using a chip from AMD that allows them to significantly lower the price. Some analysts even claim that Sony might offer the console for as little as $300, which would be really a price tag a lot of people could afford right away

We still don’t know what Microsoft has in store for us, but rumor has it that they’re also using a CPU and GPU from AMD, which would mean that both consoles will be very affordable. Definitely a big plus for consumers around the world

First Retailers With Playstation 4 Listings

Preorder Price Playstation 4.Jpg lists the Playstation 4 for £399

Online retailer lists the console without price tag – but a 20 pound deposit

Playstation 4 Deposit Preorder

Playstation 4 Will Be Affordable: Thanks To Cheap AMD Chips?

We believe that moving away from Intel was very smart. Personally, I’ve been buying AMD chips and GPU’s since 2001 and never looked back: They’re always cheaper, great for overclocking, very stable and simply beat the overpriced Intel CPU’s when comparing price/quality.

On a sidenote, AMD is currently in a pretty critical situation. If they don’t land a few more deals like this one, it’s game over for them. The company is struggling.

Published: Saturday, February 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: February 23, 2013

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