PlayStation 4 Codenamed Orbis: Specs, Release Date, Anti-Used Policy (Part 1)

Playstation 4 Codename Orbis 2013 Release Date

The latest rumors unveil the Playstation 4 “codename Orbis” hardware specs, release date and features like an anti-used policy

Approx Release Date

The Playstation 4 will most likely be released in 2013

Next PlayStation console planned for release in 2013, codenamed Orbis, will feature anti-used policy

Rumours about Sony’s next-gen console have been quiet, while Microsoft came out publicly to deny a next-gen console was coming this year while making no comment on whether that console would have an anti-used games policy. Apparently the next PlayStation will do the same, and it’s called “Orbis.”

Kotaku reports that their source has tipped them off with the “Orbis” codename, which is a Latin word that translates into orbit or ring. As they speculate, combine that with the Vita “and you have the common term Orbis Vita.” That translates to the “circle of life,” hinting that the two consoles could be integrating. The Vita already has trophy support, and Microsoft is making a big push to integrate Xbox Live with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7.

Typing in takes you to the PlayStation 3 developer portal, so there could be a PS4 version on the way.

Hardware Specs

The “basic specs” reported by Kotaku are an AMD x64 CPU and an AMD Southern Islands GPU. “Developers are being told to plan for [this] now,” though is subject to change of course.

Kotaku also say that the GPU in being used in high-end PCs this year, and is capable of displaying images at a resolution of. ‘Future-proof’ TVs are considered to be supporting 1080p images, so the Orbis PlayStation console would blow that away. That GPU would also be able to play 3D games in 1080p and 720p, which is pretty impressive and blows away the Wii U.

Some developers are receiving dev kits already, from the beginning of the year. “Revised … kits were sent out around GDC.” Beta units will apparently be sent out towards the end of 2012. As Kotaku speculated, a holiday launch is the likely target windows and almost a full year of of access to dev kits would be good preparation for developers.

There will also be no backwards compatibility support. As rumoured previously by Kotaku, Sony is apparently ditching the Cell architecture which has not been as easy to developer for as the Xbox 360. Switching chips would remove this issue, but remove most of the backwards compatibility.

Published: Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 Last Modified: March 28, 2012

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