Playing Diablo 3 On Linux? Expect A Ban … Maybe

Diablo 3 For Linux

Diablo 3 player running the title on Linux have received e-mails, banning accounts, claiming unsupported third party software has been used.

If you’re running Diablo 3 on Linux via WINE, you may want to get yourself on a more … supported version of Windows

Blizzard claims that it isn’t banning Linux Diablo 3 players, but users are receiving e-mails with information to the contrary. Players have tried to appeal the decision, with no change in the ban.

Blizzard community manager Bashiok said it’s extensively tested for false positives – where bans were issued wrongly – but didn’t find and added it’s confident in its findings. IT was also said that playing on Linux won’t get you banned, but cheating will.

E-mails have appeared despite the players playing for a decent amount of time; a user who posted on the Diablo 3 thread with the post from Bashiok, Marcus Meng, spoke with Polygon and said the e-mail seemed like a scam. That impression quickly changed when an e-mail claimed Meng was used unapproved software and displayed inappropriate actions.

Meng has been able to play other games via WINE without a ban, including Blizzard’s Starcraft 2 and World of Warcraft.

Following up twice, Blizzard said unauthorized third party software was used on the accounts and said further communication on the issue wouldn’t receive a response. Basically, Blizzard is saying deal with the decision.

Are All Linux Users Cheating?

Gaming Blend has posted users who have contacted Blizzard and, surprise, none have had reinstated accounts. Whether Blizzard continues to insist that all users were cheating, or caves into demand, remains to be seen. It was forced to issue refunds after saying players in Korea who had played the game couldn’t apply for a refund, before the Federal Trade Commission said Korean law allows refunds to be given if the issue isn’t consumer caused.

Other Diablo 3 issues have been Chinese players obtaining Korean copies of Diablo 3, illegally, since the game isn’t on sale in the region, and the overloaded Korean servers caused downtime. Some players have reported that bidding on zero-dollar items in the Real Money Auction House is false, charing over $100, while Blizzard has received criticisms the end game content is lacking and not retaining players. Future update will arrive.

Published: Friday, July 13th, 2012 Last Modified: July 13, 2012

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