Play Super Mario Bros. Online as Link or Mega Man! (No Download)

Play Super Mario Bros Online For Free Without Downloading Anything If you always wanted to play Super Mario Bros. as Link using a sword, here’s your chance. Crossover is a Super Mario Bros clone that you can play online for free without downloading anything. Careful – highly addictive!

Got a gamepad? Plug it in NOW
Before you start playing Super Mario Bros. you should set the buttons, because the default configuration isn’t the best. If you own a gamepad for your PC then you should use it to play the game, it will be a lot more fun, because it has been designed for a gamepad and not a keyboard.

Flash does not support gamepads but with a handy app you can emulate keyboard input via a controller. This handy app is called JoyToKey and can be downloaded for free at

JoyToKey enables PC game controllers to mimic a mouse and the keyboard. It is a freeware utility which can be of great use to disabled users.

Fullscreen Flash
You should also reduce your screen resolution to get a Nintendo feeling! The flash screen will be much larger then and the gaming experience will be better. or is recommended.

Each character will be different!
What’s so great about Crossover is that the music and gameplay will be totally unique depending on your character. So, if you’re playing as Link you’ll be able to hit just like the SNES Link (using sword and bow) and listen to the Zelda music in the background.

You can play the game online over at without downloading anything.

Super Mario Theme

Windows 7 Mario Theme

Download Super Mario Theme for Windows 7

Published: Saturday, May 8th, 2010 Last Modified: April 27, 2012

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